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The Roses that Bloom at the End of the World

Published by Boston Accent Lit as part of the 2018 Boston Uncommon Chapbook Series. Available via Gumroad for pay-what-you-want .

Cover photo of The Roses that Bloom at the End of The World

“To watch, to wait, to witness.” Catherine Fahey’s debut collection, The Roses that Bloom at the End of the World shines! In poems that memorably capture the milieu of a complex world, Fahey succeeds at being both attentive and astute, funny and conversational as she captures the rhythms and observations of the everyday. Her words evoke wonder and amazement. She is both witness and siren. Everything is illuminated.  

January Gill O’Neil

Catherine Fahey is a traveler, an explorer, and these are poems of a restless spirit. Who can say what excitement will appear in them? Half-vampire babies, Boaty McBoatface, Our Lady of Grackles. Yet this restlessness is undergirded by deep hurt. Fahey is a poet who, figuratively, sticks a needle in her eye, and, through precise stitching, turns pain to beauty.

J.D. Scrimgeour